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Unsurpassed QUALITY and FRESHNESS!

 You don't have to settle for less.  Your coffee is important - for many reasons, and our mission is to bring you the finest quality product at an exceptional price!  We purchase our beans from certified organic farms growing their coffee beans in high altitudes and dense forests, factors that lead to greater quality and flavor of the beans.  


Our roasted coffee is skillfully tended in our hot air roaster in small batches.   We use a commercial grinder to get you just the grind you need - or you can buy your coffee whole bean style!  Your beans can be roasted to YOUR preference, and are roasted WHEN you order, so they are FRESH - how cool is that! 

Why is Chetco Coffee passionate about FAIR TRADE? 

We only buy Fair Trade coffee beans, because we believe that farmers and workers should be treated honestly and fairly.   Fair trade certification also ensures absolutely NO child labor, good working conditions, no discrimination, no forced labor and no bonded labor.   There is accountability at every stage of the coffee bean journey to make sure there is a positive impact on those involved, and social justice practices are upheld.

Be satisfied with your EXPERIENCE!

We pride ourselves on bringing you the best, top-notch customer service!  We are friendly, courteous and easy to work with, always striving to make sure you are satisfied -- not only with your coffee, but with your experience!

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