How do they work?  How much caffeine? What grind is needed?


Requires:  Fine Grind

Forces pressurized water near boiling point through a "puck" of ground coffee and a filter in order to produce a thick, concentrated coffee.

Saves money & time after initial investment

Provides options for coffee

No special skills required

Caffeine:  Avg. 30-50 mg./ 1 oz.


Requires: Fine Grind

A stove top coffee maker that uses steam pressure to brew strong, espresso-like coffee.

No electricity needed (just a stove top flame).

Inexpensive to purchase.

Made with aluminum, which helps keep heat in.

Concentrated, robust flavour.

Caffeine:  Avg. 120mg/ 8oz. cup


Requires: Medium Grind

The most common type of coffee maker.

Can be set to start automatically.

High-end automatic drip coffee makers have many options for convenience.

Caffeine: Avg. 145 mg/ 8 oz. cup

Pour Over

Requires:  Coarse Grind

A drip coffee method that produces a strong, full bodied cup of coffee.

Strong and intense flavor.

Allows for complete control of the taste, strength and water temperature.

Chemex filters are designed to remove sediment, oils and fatty acids, which is also said to make the coffee flavor richer and eliminates the undesirable parts of the coffee bean.

The Chemex is made from glass. This is a preferable option compared to plastic.

​Caffeine: Avg. 145 mg/ 8 oz. cup

Cold Brew

Requires: Coarse Grind

Coffee that’s been brewed cold.

Approximately ⅔ less acidic than hot coffee.

Naturally sweeter taste, rich in flavor.

A batch can be made ahead of time to last you the week.

​Caffeine:  Avg 215 mg/ 8 oz. cup

French Press

Requires: Coarse Grind

Steeps coffee grounds in hot water and then presses the grounds out.

Intense flavor and plenty of caffeine!

“Cleanest” coffee brewing methods, because it avoids the paper coffee filters.

“Boiled” coffee brewing methods help preserve the antioxidants found in coffee beans.

The strength of brew in a French Press is easy to customize.

Caffeine: Avg. 107.5 mg/ 8 oz. cup


Requires:  Coarse Grind

“Old-school” stove-top coffee method that cycles boiling water through coffee grounds inside a small chamber.



Keeps coffee hot for longer periods of time without burning it.


Ideal if you’re making coffee for company: it yields 9-10 cups!



Caffeine: Avg. 200 mg/ 8 oz. cup

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