We've chosen a handful of coffee-related words that are important for you to understand.  Some of these are often misused, or just not as familiar, but still important!


Not the esophagus eroding stuff, but rather a pleasant tartness, snap, or twist akin to the snap of a fresh apple or a dry white wine. Generally found in coffees grown at higher elevations. Also known as "brightness or crispness".


The physical sense of coffee in the mouth. Heaviness, richness, and thickness or texture may be felt on the back of the tongue.  Generally, coffees grown at lower altitudes tend to be a bit heavier in body than higher grown coffees which tend to be higher in acidity. 


A tasting term applied to a coffee for which no single characteristic overwhelms the others, yet the coffee displays sufficient complexity to be interesting.


Coffee that has had at least 97% of its caffeine removed is classified as decaffeinated.


Term for coffee taken to a medium-dark roast where acidity diminishes and bittersweet flavors emerge, also known as a Full-City or Viennese Roast.


A brewing method in which hot water is forced under pressure through a compressed bed of finely ground coffee; typically less than 2 ounces of espresso is produced.


The ‘strength’ of a coffee refers to the coffee to water ratio.  It is NOT a dark or light roast.


~Know your coffee lingo~

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