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Home-E Blend

Ingredients: Organic Coffee Beans.


Description:  Like a hug in a mug. This blend of 3 continents has warm and inviting flavors that allow for maximum enjoyment of every cup.


Flavor: Hints of cinnamon and vanilla make this profile remind us of baking cookies and best friends.


Recommendations: We reccomend this blend in a medium to dark roast. Due to the recipe spices, we only offer this blend in ground form. No whole bean available on this blend.



Packaging: Packaging: Our custom roasted coffee comes in 12oz, 16oz, and 5lb bags. All of our bags contain a one-way valve system to ensure freshness. The 12oz/16ozlb bags are gusseted with a ziplock top for easy open/close. The 5lb does not have a ziplock closure. All bags are heat sealed at the top.

Home-E Blend

  • Hot air roasted in small batches to ensure consistency of flavor and exceptional quality.   

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