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I Might be Extra

Ingredients: Organic Coffee Beans.


Description:  Just for fun, are you feeling lucky? Our oops can be your gain! Actual "Extra" beans! Maybe we miscalculated a dose or repeated an order. Maybe someone wanted dark and we roasted medium. Just an honest to goodness oops!  These can be from any blend or roast-no telling what surprise beans await you. Super affordable beans in a "Special" 16oz bag. 


Flavor: It could be any blend or roast or combination there of! 


Recommendations: If you CAN handle the Truth or Truly of it all - this is a fun, inexpensive way to try our beans :)



Packaging:  Packaging: Packaging: Our custom roasted coffee comes in 4oz, 12oz, 16oz, and 5lb bags. All of our bags contain a one-way valve system to ensure freshness. The 12oz/16ozlb bags are gusseted with a ziplock top for easy open/close. The 5lb does not have a ziplock closure. All bags are heat sealed at the top.

I Might be Extra

  • Hot air roasted in small batches to ensure consistency of flavor and exceptional quality.   

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