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Ice-Ice Bay-Bee Cold Brew Roast

Ingredients: Organic Coffee Beans.


Description:  We love our cold brew around here. It needs to be strong and just sweet enough that every sip is a treat on it's own.  This blend will pair well with any flavor you might wish to try but it was built to be so perfect, it can stand alone.


Flavor: Bold and sweet with hints of honey and chocolate. 


Recommendations: We recommend this flavor profile in a dark roast with a coarse grind to allow for the best brewing experience at 12 to 24 hours in a cold brew today.



Packaging: Packaging: Our custom roasted coffee comes in 12oz, 16oz, and 5lb bags. All of our bags contain a one-way valve system to ensure freshness. The 12oz/16ozlb bags are gusseted with a ziplock top for easy open/close. The 5lb does not have a ziplock closure. All bags are heat sealed at the top.

Ice-Ice Bay-Bee Cold Brew Roast

  • Hot air roasted in small batches to ensure consistency of flavor and exceptional quality.   

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