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Yaquina Blend

Ingredients: 100% Certified Organic Coffee Beans.


Description:  Fair trade blend of three coffee beans from South America and Africa.  Our Yaquina Blend is our flagship product that has sailed us right past our 5 year anniversary and continues to deliver!  .


Flavor: Balanced flavor and a smooth taste with a hint of chocolate.


Recommendations: We've used our Yaquina blend for regular black coffee, as well as for our espresso drinks and both work very well!   Any roast level works terrific with this blend.



Packaging:  Our roasted coffee comes in a 5lb bag, 1lb bag (which also contains the 12oz quantity) and a 4oz bag.  All of our bags contain a one-way valve system to ensure freshness.  The 12oz/1lb bags are gusseted with a ziplock top for easy open/close.  The 5lb and 4oz bags do not have a ziplock closure.  All bags are heat sealed at the top.

Yaquina Blend

Bag Size
Ground or Whole Bean
  • Hot air roasted in small batches to ensure consistency of flavor and exceptional quality.   

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